Hello! My name is Danny Chen. I am currently based in Los Angeles, California. I am a passionate and creative graphic designer. I love history, but I am also very excited about the future, and my biggest concern is that my understanding will not keep up with the changes in the world. I also have some talent for cooking.

My passion for art and design was sparked as early 14 years. Throughout high school, I developed my love for arts by drawing for years. Practice  has deepened my understanding of art. The experience of drawing has helped me a lot in my future graphic design in terms of illustration, composition, color, etc. 

As a designer and a person, I acknowledge that I still have a lot to learn and a life-long path to better myself. Cal Poly Pomona had taught me how to explore design in both 2D and 3D, from editorial and branding to motion graphics. I believe that creating beautiful yet relatable and practical designs as a means to evoke emotional responses is the key to effective communication.